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Wednesday, 27. January 2021 | 0 Comments

Already at the beginning of the year, we have exciting news. We recently added our Banking-Module, which just got an update. From now on, you can create internal receipts with the module, if the original one got lost. In addition to that, you can now upload account transactions that are older than 90 days, to allocate them to the respective invoices. We have also updated connections to several shop-systems so that E-Commerce dealers can completely automize their invoice management.

Last but not least we have founded our own corporation in Wilmington (USA). This is because fortunately, many Americans are interested in our invoice management software and of course, we want to satisfy their needs. 

Banking module expanded opportunities

We have received a lot of positive feedback for our new Banking-Module. Thank you loads for that! Of course, we won’t just rest on our laurels, but keep working to improve.  The first result can be presented today, the option to create internal receipts. Because sometimes invoices just get lost, and companies have to create their internal receipts, to pursue their duty of completeness. In GetMyInvoices this is very simple. We provide a file where all necessary data is required. You just have to fill it out, print it, and you’re all set.

We have added another feature, where users can upload account transactions that are older than 90 days. For this, you create a CSV file in your online-banking software and import it in GetMyInvoices. Our invoice-management software proposes matching invoices based on amounts, supplier names, and purposes, which only have to be confirmed with a click of the mouse. Hence, prepatory accounting can be done in a few minutes.

GetMyInvoices collects invoices from shop-systems

Pay attention online-retailers! From now on, you can result product sales invoices from various online-platforms and shop-systems, and import them into GetMyInvoices. Thus, you can save loads of time and use that time to expand your online business.

Users have to add an extension or plug-in and set it up once, to have outgoing invoices from Shopware, PrestaShop, Opencart, OXID or xt:Commerce available in GetMyInvoices. Users of Shopify, Ecwid, BigCommerce or WooCommerce, connect their E-Commerce-system with the integration ‘Printout-Designer’, and can send and print invoices and receipts. Through the feature ‘Central e-mail inbox/Receipt inbox’ these can be synchronized with the GetMyInvoices account, thus, they are available right after they have been created. Furthermore, outgoing invoices can be retrieved on marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba or Rakuten. All integrations can be found here.

New portals

Certainly, we have added more portals where users can retrieve documents. These are:

  • InfluData
  • Avaya
  • Catalog Maschine
  • Com-In
  • IWW Institut
  • Onbuy
  • Swiss (Airline)

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