GetMyInvoices Update July 2017

Monday, 10. July 2017 | 0 Comments

This month, we may announce many improvements to your GetMyInvoices-platform.

New connections for synchronisation:

We became partners with four bookkeeping systems and a cloud-storage-service, and so we can happily announce the following new connections:

  • Zoho Docs: a US-american filehosting-service which offers the hosting of user files which can be accessed from everywhere
  • Intuit® QuickBooks: is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit.
  • : an accounting-Service from Denmark with first-class OCR
  • a great online-accounting software from our friends from Denmark
  • a popular US-american online-bookkeeper


We enhanced and improved the FastBill interface. So as of now, you can assign the FastBill supplier already at GetMyInvoices. This way, the transmission and assignment are completed automatically and you don’t have to change the assignment at FastBill again. Furthermore: the receipts of which the OCR couldn’t extract any data are now displayed in the FastBill inbox and can be processed from there.

Debitoor improvements

Debitoor is an online accounting-software, with whom GetMyInvoices synchronises directly. Until now you had to sort the synchronised invoices by yourself again. From now on, you just sort your invoice in GetMyInvoices and these preferences are automatically submitted during the synchronisation.

Amazon message to a marketplace-trader

We also enhanced the downloads for the Amazon invoices.

As you might already now, we synchronise both the Amazon invoices and the invoices from the Amazon-marketplace.

Regarding the invoices from the marketplace, you are already able to request this invoice automatically with GetMyInvoices. Newly you can add to this automatic request a personal message..

This function is especially important, if you’ve got foreign trading-partners. These do often have different guidelines for creating an invoice and so it may be possible that the invoice is not compatible with your local guidelines.

So now you can ask for the desired informations in the message-field and the trader get this annotation directly with the request for the invoice.

Payment by credit card

We enhanced our payment system: so far you could select debit or PayPal as payment option, hence you can also select payment by credit card. Especially for PayPal clients this may be a simplification of the process, because you don’t have to start a manual payment order every month again.

New portals

We also extended the list of the portals of which we can already download your invoices automatically:

  • AirTable
  • Adobe Sign
  • uploadcare
  • Wunderlist

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