GetMyInvoices Update July 2020

Tuesday, 28. July 2020 | 0 Comments

Summer vacation? Not around here! Working on GetMyInvoices is far too interesting to leave! This month, we extended our invoice management solution another bit – and we created use cases for our new zapier integration. With zapier, you can automatically trigger actions in more than 2,000 applications as soon as a new document is available in GetMyInvoices.


zapier is a web services that enables its users to automate actions between different web apps. To that end, workflows – so-called Zaps – are created in zapier. Users specify a triggering event – that is, a trigger in an application – to initiate an action in another application.

Examples of Zaps

For Zaps with GetMyInvoices, the trigger is currently always a new document in the invoice management solution. That means, as soon as one is available, different actions can be automatically triggered in other applications. These include:

  • Creating a row in Google Sheets and/or Microsoft Excel, for instance when you are doing up an expenses overview in table format
  • Sending a message in a Slack channel if you want to inform its participants about a new document being available in GetMyInvoices
  • Creating a Trello card with details from the new document in GetMyInvoices, provided you organize backoffice tasks using Trello
  • Uploading a document to Docparser, if you use it to process your documents
  • Creating an invoice layout in Visma eAccounting, if you use this tool for bookkeeping
  • Creating an outgoing invoice in Run my Accounts, provided you take care of accounting using this solution
  • Creating an invoice in InvoiceNinja, if that is the software in place for your bookkeeping
  • Creating an expense in InvoiceBerry if this is your invoicing software
  • Creating an expense in Expensify, provided you use this tool for your expenses management

Your advantage: you can automate repetitive tasks and are left with more time for other projects.

Invoice retrieval from shared email postboxes

If you receive invoices through shared postboxes – that is, email postboxes several employees have access to, and that you use to send emails – you can now link those with GetMyInvoices, too. Those invoices will now be automatically recognized and imported to our invoice management solution. This is a feature that has been particularly requested by users of Office365.

New portals

It goes without saying that we linked numerous new portals in July that users can retrieve their documents from:

  • BlauDirekt
  • NetAachen
  • dphoto
  • Quickmail
  • Airfrance
  • Hornbach

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