GetMyInvoices Update June 2019

Wednesday, 26. June 2019 | 0 Comments

We made use of the longest days of the year by continuing our work on our big projects regarding workflow and Scan App, as well as by enriching GetMyInvoices with additional features.



Full-text search, fully automated DATEV transmission and invoice line item recognition

A new feature in GetMyInvoices is our full-text search. With its help, users can search any arbitrary word, to find the required document even faster and more easily than before. This is extremely useful, for example, when the recently purchased laptop “packs in” after only six months. Then it’s down to determining swiftly whether a warranty can be claimed and where the device had been bought. A quick full-text search in GetMyInvoices for the notebook model will lead straight to the relevant document and save lots of time.

A change has been made to the DATEV interface, too. So far, transmission had to be started manually. Now, DATEV offers fully automated transmission, which we have implemented without delay. This leaves one major headache for users in the past. Anyone who has set up an interface connection already, only has to activate automatic transmission in the synchronization settings. Extended rights will be inquired of DATEV DUO, which will enable fully automated background transmission.

In addition to that, there is now an automatic invoice line item recognition. This feature is, as of yet, in the beta phase. Here, artificial intelligence (AI) identifies separate items in an invoice; and doing so, it constantly learns. That means: if separate items are maintained in a certain layout, recognition will work automatically for the next invoice. So, you can help diligently with the improvement of our AI.

Rechnungspositionserkennung in GetMyInvoices

Synchronization with Salesforce and CenterDevice

Furthermore, our invoice management solution can be synchronized with Salesforce now, too. Thus, users of all solutions of the platform for customer relationship management have the option to automatically export their documents saved in GetMyInvoices to Salesforce, to continue working on them there. This way, they can benefit from thousands of automatic download features.

Also new: an import interface to CenterDevice. This is a cloud-based document management system offering secure saving, fast locating and easy sharing of contents. Documents from this solution can be automatically transmitted to GetMyInvoices after a brief individual set-up. From GetMyInvoices, on the other hand, these documents can be synchronized with various other applications, depending on how it suits respective workflows.

Additional portals

It goes without saying that we integrated numerous further portals for the automated import of documents to GetMyInvoices this month. These include:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Chartbeat
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MyMajorCompany

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