GetMyInvoices Update June 2020

Tuesday, 30. June 2020 | 0 Comments

The longest days of the year are already behind us – and we made sure to make the most of them. We set up helpful new integrations for GetMyInvoices and further improved our invoice management solution. To give some examples, our users now can export documents to ProSonata, will soon be able to create Zaps in zapier with GetMyInvoices, and to automatically transmit invoices from various ecommerce systems to the accounts department.

ProSonata is a software for agencies, consultants, engineers, freelancers, and project-based enterprises. It simplifies project management, time recording and invoicing. With the ProSonata synchronization in GetMyInvoices, all documents that have been automatically gathered in our invoice management solution can be exported to ProSonata without any manual effort.

Links to zapier and ecommerce systems

zapier is a web service enabling its users to automate activities between different web apps. Through the link to GetMyInvoices, workflows – so-called Zaps – can be created with our invoice management solution and the documents it contains. Users specifically define a triggering event – that is, a trigger in an application – to initiate an action in another application. This automates repetitive chores and gives users more time for other tasks.

Furthermore, we provide plug-ins or extensions for commonly used ecommerce systems. Those are:

As soon as shop systems go public on the individual platforms, entrepreneurs and freelancers can connect those with GetMyInvoices in just a few clicks and thus automatically provide the invoices dispatched from the shops to accounting systems, for example.

Further improvements in GetMyInvoices

There now is a new feature for interfaces in GetMyInvoices, too, which makes it possible to transmit invoices according to payment status. For instance, if a user would like to forward only paid documents to another solution, he can specify during the configuration of the interface that all invoices with the status “Paid” will be sent. This means that document transmission can be controlled even more accurately than before.

Our Communication Centre is offering additional options, too. Users can now detail whether they would like to be notified about incoming messages via email, and at what frequency. All they have to do is choose between the options “never”, “immediately”, “once an hour” and “daily”.

New portals

Needless to say, we connected numerous new portals in June to ensure that users can retrieve their documents. Those include:

  • WebstaurantStore
  • Warnowquerung
  • Datenschutz-Generator Schwenke
  • Heineken
  • Deutsche Telekom M2M Portal
  • Yoast
  • Madsack Onlineservice

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