GetMyInvoices Update March 2017

Wednesday, 29. March 2017 | 0 Comments

Birds are singing, trees blossom, everywhere nature is awakening… Spring is around the corner. And since spring is a time of beginnings and innovations, we also developed a lot of new features for GetMyInvoices. That’s why the latest update is about the following:



New Feature: Extract entries with your mouse

For the most time, scanning and the OCR-recognition recognizes most metrics in your invoices automatically. But sometimes there are some problems with the automatic reading and not all metrics of the invoice are recognised correctly.

Up to now, you had to enter those missing metrics manually. And adding things manually causes errors. So we focused on this subject and developed a new feature: with immediate effect, you can extract entries with your computer mouse. To achieve this, proceed as follows:

  1. First, click on “Edit invoice”to get to a preview version of the pdf.
  2. There you can select the text using your computer mouse.
  3. The recognised text will open up a drop-down-menu from which you can choose which element this part of the text is representing.
  4. You can proceed likewise with the value added tax, or you can select the 7,19,20,21 or 0% tax with the button.
  5. If the text part in the preview is too small to recognise everything, you can use the “+” symbol to zoom into the document. With “-” you can zoom out, with the “redo” button you can return to the standard size.

New feature: read access

From now on, you have the possibility to provide another user with read access, without giving him or her permission to change, add or delete data.

This is especially important if you want to grant your accountant access to your account. He or she can view all data, suppliers, portals and synchronisations, without being able to edit them. To grant this read access, you start in the user area.

There you can manage the users or invite new users via e-mail invitation. For each user you can choose a role. There you can see “read access”.

Actualisation of the security webpage

We actualised our security page because the old page did not contain all the advantages.

All portals shown on the website

The list of portals, where we automatically download invoices, is becoming longer and longer. To give you the possibility to get an overview which portals we integrated until now, we made this list for you: .

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