GetMyInvoices Update March 2020

Wednesday, 25. March 2020 | 0 Comments

In spite of the Corona Virus and contact restrictions, we managed to get a lot done in the past weeks. GetMyInvoices now boasts numerous new interfaces to other solutions and simplifications regarding our payment features. To provide an overview:

Where previously all bank details had to be entered manually when making a transfer from GetMyInvoices, users now have the option to create a standard template stating the bank account to pay from, which can be selected during the payment process. As well as that, IBAN, BIC and a standard reference can be deposited for any creditor, for example a recurring supplier. Those fields will then be automatically filled in, if the relevant data cannot be found in the respective document. Individual references can be indicated with just a click. All this makes payments even more simple and convenient.

FTP interfaces to fileee and openHandwerk

Our invoice management solution now also offers the possibility to import files via file transfer protocol (FTP). This provides us with a universal interface to connect a multitude of systems. For example: using the network protocol, invoices can be transmitted without manual effort from shop systems to GetMyInvoices, and automatically forwarded from there to accounting systems and many other solutions.

As well as that, users of fileee – a personal assistance service for automated management of paper- and digital documents – now have the option to gather documents even more easily by using GetMyInvoices. Our software automatically retrieves the documents, which also include contracts, from numerous sources and makes them available in fileee through an export interface. There, the user can manage the documents as usual.

More again, openHandwerk users can now automatically forward outgoing invoices created in the Handwerk software to GetMyInvoices. From there, they can be transmitted to the preferred accounting software or the tax consultant without manual effort. Handwerk users can thus save time, and the document management is less error-prone due to the fact that no document is forgotten, and media disruption does not occur.

New portals

Naturally, on request of the users of our invoice management solution, we again connected many new portals. These include:

  • meineSchufa
  • webfleet
  • Duden-Mentor
  • Open Drive
  • Smartmockups

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