GetMyInvoices Update November 2016

Thursday, 17. November 2016 | 0 Comments

Many of you already saved a huge amount of time by using GetMyInvoices. To make it possible for you to put even more of your time into expedient tasks, we extended our features one more time.
So far, GetMyInvoices was only able to recognize invoices in your mailbox sent by familiar companies. Apart from that you could define your own rules to recognize invoices from smaller companies or freelancers.
As of now, this will be easier for you.

GetMyInvoices scans your mailbox for keywords that suggest an invoice.
If it discovers something, a small envelope in the upper right on your dashboard will indicate that there are new e-mails that have the attributes of an invoice.
Above the little envelope there is a number blinking, reflecting the quantity of new uploaded e-mails.
Click this notice, to show all found e-mails. Now you can define, what should happen to messages of this sender or subject: shall it be treated as an invoice? Or does it only resemble an invoice but really isn’t one?
Or maybe this particular invoice was for a private service and shouldn’t be listed?
You can make a decision both for an individual case and make a general choice.
Choose with the buttons if the e-mail
should be imported (IMPORT THIS E-MAIL)
should be ignored (SKIP THIS TIME)
should always be ignored (ALWAYS SKIP)

If you decide to click on “Import This E-mail”, you will be asked if you want to make a standard rule for it (Import now and in future) or just want to import this particular invoice(Only this time).
gmi-alwaysskip If you decide to click on “Always Skip”, the sender will be put onto your personal blacklist.
If you decide to click on “Skip This Time”, the e-mail will be deleted from your GetMyInvoices account.


If your mail contains more than one attachment, you are able to choose if you want to import all the attachments or select the particular ones you like to be uploaded.

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