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Tuesday, 24. November 2020 | 0 Comments

With the beginning of Advent on Sunday, many houses are aglitter with light. GetMyInvoices, too, shines in new splendour. Our invoice management software is now available in five languages – beside German and English, users may now choose the language options French, Spanish, or Dutch. As well as that, current news are now more clearly structured than before. And further new features round off our update nicely.


Even better overview and information in five languages

Our updates are now divided into news and blog articles. While we bundle current news and updates concerning GetMyInvoices under news, all articles regarding general trends in accounting and start-ups & enterprises can be found in our blog. That means even here, there is no more searching! And more again, an update for our numerous foreign-language users: no need for translations! Our invoice management software GetMyInvoices, like before the app and the website, is now available not only in German and English, but in French, Spanish, and Dutch, too.

New Interface to DocuWare

One novelty is the interface to the document management system DocuWare. With its help, users can automatically import invoices and documents directly from GetMyInvoices to DocuWare, to securely archive and retrieve them there. You save the time and effort needed for the manual gathering of documents and speed up subsequent processing.

New portals

Last, but not least, we connected many new portals this November, from which users are able to retrieve documents. Those include:

  • Zenkit
  • Xink
  • CaseWare
  • KlickTipp
  • GoMo
  • Noribank
  • DPD RechnungOnline

We wish you a wonderful Advent with our innovations, and joyful anticipation for our next update!

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