GetMyInvoices Update October 2016

Tuesday, 25. October 2016 | 0 Comments

We made the following improvements at GetMyInvoices:

Cooperation with CANDIS:

Now you’re able to use GetMyInvoices more effectively than ever!


The accounting software CANDIS embeds GetmyInvoices as an importing module. Thanks to this cooperation you may not only import your invoices and scan them with your mobile, but also synchronize it with your bank account and pay your unpaid invoices via Paypal, Credit Card or check account.

Approval for Synchronisation:

Gain control over effective synchronisation dates

There is a new feature at GetMyInvoices: With immediate effect, you’re now able to control over what is getting synchronized and when.

This function is implemented at “Synchronisation” → “Edit Sync Account”. To this day, you were only to select how often GetMyInvoices should connect with e.g. Dropbox to synchronize your data. With immediate effect you can now set a check mark at “Needs Approval” to synchronize your account only after your approval.

Why do I need this?

An example: You’ve got a freelancer working for you, who sends you invoices for his activities. You could now send these invoices automatically to the bookkeeping department for example not until you checked the invoice and got incoming payments for it.

Improvements for existing suppliers

Download your invoices for Facebook Business Accounts

Another modification affects Facebook: if you hold an account administrating several Facebook Business accounts, you can now determine in your GetMyInvoices-account which Facebook-invoices you want to download.

At “Suppliers” you select your Facebook-Account or generate a new supplier with “Add Supplier”. Select at Online-Portal “FACEBOOK”. Beneath the password field there is “Account Numbers to Import”. There you can declare the numbers of those accounts you want to import into GetMyInvoices.

Several accounts can easily be pointed off, so you can have always control over which accounts get synchronized.

Download invoices from Google Adwords MCC Accounts

From now on you can synchronize several accounts from your Google AdWords Manager. So it is possible, to download the invoices of several Adwords-accounts.

New Portals (Extract)

In the end: Of course we don’t just update our system but also the processing data. So recently we added, apart from many others, the following portals:

So from now on, you can also fetch your invoices from these portals with GetMyInvoices.

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