GetMyInvoices Update September 2017

Wednesday, 6. September 2017 | 0 Comments

September: In the roman calendar was september the seventh month (septima), but with an update in 153 BC the calendar got an addition and it became the ninth month of the year. The new GetMyInvoices-Update wasn’t that long ago, but it is at least equally convenient!



Change in the notification settings

Up to now, you were notified of the reception of every new invoice in your GetMyInvoices account.

You had the following setting options:

  • how often you want to be notified (immediately, daily, weekly, never)
  • if you want to be notified

What’s new, is the possibility to deactivate the e-mail notification. Thereby it is possible, to activate notifications, but without having your e-mail account stuffed.

So by now you can get notified just in the system without receiving an e-mail at the same time.

To acheive that, just click onto the bell in the menu and select “settings”. If you activate the “No notifications via email”-field , you just get notified when you get important messages.

New Integrations

This month there are again some services, which broadened their use by integrating GetMyInvoice::


The scottish provider Freeagent was founded in 2007 in Edinburgh. This accounting software is aiming to simplify bookkeeping for smaller companies and freelancers. By integrating GetMyInvoices, the users of this software can now not only manage their expenses and invoices, record their time and get an complete overview of their finance, but also get their invoices automatically imported into their account, so that nothing can be overlooked.

Shoeboxed is an US-american company, with the goal to make the wallets more paperfree. With the interface to GetMyInvoices, users cannot just scan receipts and invoices with an OCR recognition (or get them scanned by using the “Magic Envelope”), but also get them fetched from portals. This way all the invoices can be integrated into the financuak management.

OneDrive Business

Microsoft’s Business-Cloudservice is now also usable for synchronisation.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is the bookkeeping software of the US-american file hosting service Zoho. By means of this program, entrepreneurs can keep track of their finances, do automatical banking and control their inventory in real time.


Saasu is another accounting software which benefits from the integration of GetMyInvoices. They are aiming at crafting better and easier ways to manage small businesses. Users of this software can see bank balances, sales and upcoming all their transactions and contacts, create individual invoices and pay online.

New Portals

In this months there were also some new portals added:


– channelengine


– decimo

– Kaspersky

– greenwheels

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