GetMyInvoices Update September 2020

Wednesday, 30. September 2020 | 0 Comments

Connections are becoming increasingly more important. That’s why we used this September to improve GetMyInvoices’ connectivity even further. There’s a new feature to connect portals and a Microsoft Power Automate integration. As well as that, we offer the users of our invoice management solution interfaces to xentral, Accountable and Conciliator Expert.


Connecting portals – even more convenient

Our new feature for connecting portals makes the required steps in GetMyInvoices even more user-friendly. When a user integrates a portal, they can view the process in an icon on the lower right side of the screen. All the while, it’s possible to execute other actions on the user interface. Those may include the connection of more portals, or verification or research of documents. Other applications can be used at the same time, too. As soon as the portal has been connected in the background, a notification, which will be displayed until you click and close it, appears. This lets the user know that the undertaking has been successful. The same goes for connections using two-factor authentication: a sound attracts attention, and the two-factor window is automatically displayed in the foreground, so that the code can be entered when it is needed. In the meantime, the user can work on other tasks without any issues.

Automate document export and other chores

Microsoft Power Automate is a tool for the optimization of repetitive tasks as well as digital processes. It enables its users to automate actions between different web apps. The connection to GetMyInvoices allows the creation of workflows that need to be executed whenever a new document is available in GetMyInvoices – whether it is a scanned receipt, an incoming invoice from an online portal, or an outgoing invoice from an accounting solution. Some examples would be the automated maintenance of an Excel list with all invoice items, the sending of a message in Slack, or the generation of a Trello card. GetMyInvoices users can simply execute the integration themselves.

Our interface to the business software xentral makes it possible to automatically export documents from our invoice management solution, including imports from other software, to xentral. Setting up this feature will be taken care of in just a few steps, too. Self-employed workers using Accountable are also able to automatically transmit documents from GetMyInvoices to Accountable – to collect them, for fiscal categorization, for invoicing or to create a VAT report. More again, export of documents to Conciliator Expert is possible, too. This is a software for automated accounting aided by artificial intelligence from France.

New portals

Fittingly, we connected many new portals in September, including some from France, for users to retrieve their documents. These include:

  • Vodafone Business
  • Check24-Kontomanager
  • Volkswagen Flottenplattform
  • landbot
  • Taxmaro
  • edX

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