GetMyInvoices with optimized document module – June 2021

Wednesday, 30. June 2021 | 0 Comments

Traditionally, we celebrated Midsummer not only with great food and lots of fun but also with new features of GetMyInvoices. These include a further improved user experience in the document module and the connection of the digital workplace solution Amagno. Furthermore, created interfaces to more online portals.

All information at a glance

Using our document module, the manual upload of invoices and receipts is now even more convenient than before. As in the past, single or multiple documents can be added as an upload. A new feature is that immediately after reading out the invoice information, the data recognized by the OCR is displayed in an overview. This includes the date, invoice number, invoice amount, and issuer.

Users can thus view and edit the documents directly. If the OCR has not reliably recognized an invoice issuer, this is indicated in the input field with a suggestion and a question mark. If the user confirms the entry, GetMyInvoices applies this value to all documents in which the OCR has identified this company. “Documents therefore no longer have to be processed individually,” explains Björn Kahle, Product Owner of GetMyInvoices.

Document export to Amagno

Via the new interface to Amagno, users can automatically export invoices and receipts from GetMyInvoices to the digital workplace solution. This means that the documents are available there for further organization and processing within a very short time and without any manual effort.

A clear user interface and an intuitive search enable users to find important information with a mouse click and to collaborate transparently and from any location. Amagno supports various workflows for this purpose.


Connect GetMyInvoices with Amagno


New portals

Last but not least, we also integrated new portals into GetMyInvoices in June. These include: 

  • DeskTime
  • PublishPress
  • Superscout
  • IceWarp
  • Dussmann
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