How to Convince Your Boss to Use GetMyInvoices

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More and more users recognize how much our invoice management solution simplifies preparatory accounting, and how pleasant it is to work with GetMyInvoices. Are you one of those users? Maybe you took advantage of the free GetMyInvoices trial and would like to employ our solution in your accounting department in future? In that case, you are now facing the task of convincing your supervisor. To make it as easy as possible for you, we have listed some arguments that will help you score.

Just ask your boss for a brief chat and explain clearly how GetMyInvoices simplifies and improves work in accounting! If a short communication line is well-established in your company, you can simply write a message and enclose our checklist.

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Arguments for using GetMyInvoices

  1. Complete records
    Because GetMyInvoices automatically retrieves documents from the most diverse sources and stores them in one central location, records are always complete. Stored documents range from the phone bill over outgoing invoices all the way to scanned receipts.
  2. Speed
    Not only does promptness in accounting enable timely payments and effective cash-flow management, but highly topical analyses, too. GetMyInvoices provides documents virtually in real-time in the applications they are needed in – be that the bookkeeping software or the solution used by your tax consultant.
  3. Accurate data
    People cause typos – especially, when information has to be captured several times and transferred to different applications. GetMyInvoices automatically reads relevant information, like invoice date and net- or gross amounts, allows manual corrections if required, and forwards all information correctly.
  4. Security
    GetMyInvoices complies with the most up-to-date safety standards by using secure encryption technology for all communications and the storage of data. As well as that, the software automatically records when a document is imported from where, and who has edited or made changes to the document.
  5. Perfect collaboration
    Implementing the invoice management solution is easy. Cost-intensive employee training is unnecessary, since the interface is intuitively operable. Also, several staff members can use GetMyInvoices – from anywhere in the world, thanks to the cloud. The Communication Centre makes it possible to directly make enquiries concerning a particular document.
  6. Advantage audit
    Not all guests are welcome in a business – that definitely tends to go for auditors. When they announce a visit, there is always the worry that they’ll view confidential data. Here, GetMyInvoices can offer you some peace of mind, since you can set up a separate access for auditors. More again, they have the option to verify everything in detail from a distance, as long as all other required steps, for example the procedural documentation, are duly complied with.
  7. Cost-effective solution
    Businesses can choose the GetMyInvoices package that suits their requirements best. The costs are lower than those of employing an additional staff member, even if they only received minimum wage. Also, the price of the package is deductible as business costs.
  8. More time for the extra mile
    When work-intensive processes in preparatory accounting are automated, employees are left with more time and energy to deal with additional tasks. This means that they’ll be even better at convincing customers of services and products or to obtain a competitive advantage.

Do you need any more convincing arguments for working with GetMyInvoices? Then please, let us know  how we can support your line of reasoning!

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