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When we are talking about how GetMyInvoices gathers invoices and receipts from thousands of sources, many people think only of incoming invoices. But our invoice management solution reaches beyond that: it automatically collects all important documents, including insurance policies, account statements and outgoing invoices. Because those documents are just as much needed in accounting as incoming invoices and receipts.

Outgoing invoices are invoices sent by a business to its customers when a product has been sold or a service provided. To a large extend, they define a company’s income. It is, therefore, important to gather those invoices regularly, for instance to create a VAT report – or to calculate profits at the end of the business year. Depending on the business, outgoing invoices can be more or less numerous. Either way, GetMyInvoices supports a diversity of scenarios:

How outgoing invoices end up in GetMyInvoices

When writing an invoice on the computer, many people create a PDF and send it via email to their customers. GetMyInvoices users can simply enter their personal GetMyInvoices email address into the bcc field. The result: The customer receives his invoice as usual, without seeing another recipient. The invoice, including the email text, automatically arrives in GetMyInvoices. Invoice information like invoice number, net amount, VAT percentage and gross amount are machine-read.

Anyone who creates their outgoing invoices in another solution, for example in the accounting software sevDesk, the payment software or the invoicing software chargebee, can set up a synchronization with GetMyInvoices. With its help, the outgoing invoices created in the respective solution are automatically transmitted to GetMyInvoices.

GetMyInvoices’ power features

In GetMyInvoices, outgoing invoices are made available in a central location alongside all other imported documents, and can be intuitively organized using the web browser, for example by assigning tags. Our power features enable different actions; outgoing invoices can be marked as paid on receipt of the invoice amount. This does not only allow convenient research of invoices with just a few clicks of the mouse, but also, by setting filters, the display of open positions, which then can be exported as lists. Using the integrated chat function, contact with the responsible employee can be made quite easily, for example to send a payment reminder.

All editing steps are documented, and archiving for the purpose of the proper and lawful keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form can be easily implemented. As well as that, documents can be automatically forwarded to other solutions, for instance an accounting software or the tax consultant. This way, they are available exactly where they are needed without any manual effort – virtually in real-time.

As you can see, it pays to organize all accounting-relevant documents through GetMyInvoices, including outgoing invoices. It sets the entire preparatory bookkeeping to autopilot – try it free of charge for 14 days!

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