Invoice Management for The New Decade

Wednesday, 26. February 2020 | 0 Comments

The world used to be so simple for businesses years ago. They received their incoming invoices by post, that is, trough just one channel. Granted, their paper archives were overflowing, but rent for premises wasn’t as expensive back then. Employees were constantly busy with typing out invoicing information like creditor, invoice date or amount, etc. by hand. Verifying and releasing invoices also took some time, since invoices had to be viewed by several departments. For that reason, businesses helped themselves by scanning paper invoices, extracting information and archiving it electronically.

Things are different today: businesses receive invoices from the most diverse sources. They have to download those themselves from portals, or receive them via email – only a small number still arrives by post. The risk to lose track is high. A solution is the digital provision of invoices. Businesses can take advantage of this and automate processes regarding approval, invoice processing etc. Monotonous chores likes the filling-in of data become superfluous, and efficiency is increased.

GetMyInvoices makes sure that no invoice is forgotten. Our solution downloads incoming invoices from more than 5,000 portals, verifies pre-defined email postboxes and assembles all documents in one single location. As well as that, sales representatives can simply take a picture of hotel bills, taxi receipts etc, and automatically integrate those into GetMyInvoices without media disruption.

So, what are you waiting for? With our solution you can utilize the advantages of digitalization and at the same time ensure that everything runs its orderly course, like it did years ago. Order your non-binding 14-day trial access here!

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