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Friday, 15. September 2017 | 0 Comments

Today, we are delighted to present the new GetMyInvoices API. During the last months, we received a number of enquiries from users who wanted to be able to access their billing details via API. We’d like to take this opportunity to give a very warm “Thank You” to our customers, who keep feeding us new ideas and supply us with plenty of food for thought. These contributions really are fantastic, and we are all the prouder today to release, once more, a customer-driven feature.

With the new API, you will be able to retrieve your downloaded and imported invoices including metadata, as well as uploading new invoices. So GetMyInvoices is coming a little closer again to becoming the central data hub for incoming invoices. We automatically download bills from internet portals, reliably import invoices from email folders with the help of machine learning, offer a central email folder for forwarding invoices, make it possible to upload documents via smartphone, and now you can even automatically push documents from your own system via API to GetMyInvoices.

The API’s task here is limited to processing bills and invoices. You cannot access on-file passwords or other account details via the API.

To use the API, you need an API Key, which you will find in your account – in the right-hand side menu under “API access”. Without the Key, you will not have access to your invoice details. The connection is made encrypted in HTTPS, all data is UTF-8 encoded and in JSON format.

You can find the API documentation following Developers will also be able to find a RAML-File which can be imported into Postman App or others. This way, the introduction is made as easy as possible and the integration should be dealt with quickly.

We are looking forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy integrating the new GetMyInvoices Accounts API.

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