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Wednesday, 19. July 2017 | 0 Comments

We are pleased to proclaim a new partnership with, a successful online accounting software from the Netherlands. We’re looking forward to working together on new challenges. Customers of will now save a lot of time because of the integration of GetMyInvoices into the bookkeeping-process.

e-Boekhouden was created in the year 2000 from the software-developers at SkillSource. They were one of the first companies that developed a software that was fully available online. was a big influence to the modern online-accounting-software.
Their goal is to make bookkeeping easy and affordable for all entrepreneurs.

To use there isn’t any knowledge of accounting necessary. Thanks to the cooperation with GetMyInvoices, the users of are now not only able to manage their time recording, do their member administration, send their online-invoices and send their tax declaration automatically to tax authorities, but also get their invoices automatically uploaded into their e-Boekhouden-account.

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