Our campaigns for the year-end rally 2021

Wednesday, 24. November 2021 | 0 Comments

The year 2021 is slowly but surely coming to an end. We have implemented interfaces to the agency software HQ, the cloud-based ERP system of Holded and the SharePoint platform, so that a seamless invoice exchange with GetMyInvoices is possible. Furthermore, two exciting webinars will take place in a few days. These will deal with the interaction of MOCO and GetMyInvoices on the one hand and the topic of liquidity management on the other.

Export invoices automatically to Holded

Holded, the cloud-based business management platform for small and medium-sized businesses, provides all the functionality for invoicing, accounting, inventory, and CRM under one interface. With our interface, you can now export invoices from GetMyInvoices to Holded automatically.

To the Holded interface


Import invoices automatically into SharePoint

The MS SharePoint collaboration solution simplifies seamless collaboration by sharing and managing content, expertise and applications. Using our interface, invoices are now also available to SharePoint teams. You can configure the import process individually and determine, for example, in which folder the invoices imported from GetMyInvoices should be available.

To the SharePoint interface


New online portals

We also connected other portals in November, from which users can now retrieve documents. These include:

  • Darfichrein
  • CloudConvert
  • Invoxia
  • Transavia
  • GLS Bank
  • Rakuten Viber
  • TotalEnergies

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