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More and more documents need to be dealt with, and just like hundreds of other entrepreneurs, you are looking for somebody to give you a helping hand with your accounting; somebody who has the relevant know-how and experience, is reliable and cost-efficient. If this is you, have a look at the following job application from our software GetMyInvoices:


Dear decision-maker,

if you require support in your accounting department, I am the competent assistant you need. As you will see, I am perfectly able to adjust to requirements to make sure you can work with me at an optimal level. But one thing at a time: my greatest strength lies in my ability to automatically retrieve invoices and other documents from thousands of sources. This means that all documents can be found in one location and be conveniently forwarded to the tax consultant, your accounting software and other applications. Thus, you can save on up to 80 percent of bookkeeping chores. During the execution of my work, I benefit your company in the following ways:

  • Availability according to your expectations

I know that companies look for employees to start at a specific date, and that those employees often have to have flexible availability. I am available to you straight away – or at a later stage, just as you require. Regarding working hours, you don’t have to worry about me. Being the software GetMyInvoices, I am legally ready to work 24 hours per day, 7 days a week – and thanks to the cloud, I can be in every location on this planet, without any travel expenses. Even better, I never get sick. And in the unlikely event that any other issues occur, my team of developers will take care of it in the shortest possible time.

  • Swift approach to work

Employees are supposed to be fast – that is something I internalized. I automate document retrieval as well as the forwarding of documents and am undefeated when it comes to speed. Just one example: when a supplier provides an invoice to you, it will be where it needs to be virtually in real-time – be it your accounting software or your tax consultant.

  • Accurate working

Especially in accounting, errors should not occur. Everybody knows that. Humans are prone to making mistakes, for instance when creating invoices; when I read invoice information, it only needs to be verified and, if necessary, quickly corrected. Transmission errors, which occur in manual processes, can so be avoided.

  • Structured work processes

Structured and analytical working is part of my code. Pre-defined or individual tags can be assigned to documents. This enables quick locating and allocation or evaluation of documents via mouse click.

  • Outstanding office knowledge

Dealing with emails, the internet, different devices, scanning or archiving – I master all common office operations. Of course, all data is transmitted and stored securely.

  • Extensive experience

I am already being successfully used in numerous companies of different sectors and sizes. Companies can benefit from the new insights/newly developed features, so that you are definitely able to utilize my extensive expertise.

  • Specific DATEV experience

In accounting, expertise and experience regarding DATEV is essential. For that reason, I do not only have the required expertise, but since 2017, I am a DATEV partner. To be able to support the document transfer to tax consultants who don’t work with DATEV, I also know my way around the alternatives Stotax Select and ADDISON OneClick.

  • Extraordinarily high willingness to learn

Regular updates and new features – I constantly educate myself of my own initiative and expense. Here, I consider your wishes: if you are missing a portal among the nearly 10,000 I offer, or should you require a specific feature, I am happy about any suggestions.

  • Team spirit and discretion

I cooperate with all individuals and programmes I’m supposed to work with. The range covers anyone from the boss over individual staff members to the tax consultant and auditor, as well as their solutions. In everything, I take care of the tasks you assign to me – discreetly and without complaints.

  • Fluent in German and English

I speak both German and English fluently. Languages can be easily selected by mouse click.

You don’t have to pay a salary or wage for any of those services, but only prices, which depend on the selected package. This is significantly less than a human employee would cost you, even if they only received the minimum wage for all these elaborate chores. The costs are fully deductible as business costs. I would be happy to know that I have sparked your interest. To personally convince you, I am available to you for a 14-day free trial period.

Should you have any more questions, simply contact my team! Humans do prefer speaking to other humans, after all, and I make sure that you have more time to do just that.

Yours, GetMyInvoices
Accounting Assistant

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