GetMyInvoices – Behind the Scenes: Partner Management

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Having relationships with numerous partners in integration and consulting is a key factor in the success of GetMyInvoices. For this reason, we spoke with Loris Caspari for our “Behind the Scenes” series. The 23-year-old is involved in our partner management and is full of energy, especially now that he is back from vacation.


Loris, what are your tasks at GetMyInvoices?
I take care of partner management. That means I develop interfaces, work on marketing measures and keep in touch with our synchronization partners. I furthermore validate new consulting partners and make sure that they can use GetMyInvoices efficiently. For this purpose, I design online seminars, among other things. Last but not least, I bring my perspectives to new ideas when I talk to Christian and Björn.

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Do you have a typical daily routine?
It is actually difficult to speak of a specific daily routine. There are weeks when my work is more product-oriented and weeks when I design concepts. One thing that happens frequently are meetings with external people. Since I’m currently still studying industrial engineering with a focus on mechanical engineering, I currently work 20 hours a week.

That sounds very interesting. So how did you find out about fino?
It always played an important role for me to get to know many industries and occupations. Above all, practical experience is incredibly important for my professional development. That’s why I’ve also held positions in the Association of German Industrial Engineers since 2016. When I finished my internship at BMW in 2019, I looked around for alternative offers in Kassel and came across a job ad from finoThis put me in contact with Christian and subsequently with GetMyInvoices. After a trial workday, it was clear that we were aiming for a collaboration, which I was very happy about.

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When exactly was that?
In December 2019.

Wow, you’ve been with fino for a while now.
How did your range of tasks develop over time?
At first, I implemented projects with detailed performance specifications under Christian’s leadership. Gradually, other responsibilities were added. For instance, I’ve been in charge of the integration partner sector for two weeks now, and in the summer of 2020, I was already given overall responsibility for the consulting partner segment.

How is the cooperation in the team working out?
I mostly work together with Björn and Christian. For the last two weeks I have also been working with Nelly. I am involved in many processes and provide feedback, which is much appreciated.I am known for revealing my opinion rather bluntly, which proves to be very productive in decision-making processes. ?

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Tell me, what makes working as part of the GetMyInvoices team special?
Everyone has a strong character and stands for something. No one is overlooked. This is especially important when working remotely. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues in person again this summer. We have a strong team structure and I think that’s great.

What makes you unique, what is your passion?
I can work very well conceptually. I like to question the status quo and try out new things.

What does GetMyInvoices or fino provide you to realize this talent?
fino gives me a lot of trusts. There are no hierarchies that slow down decision-making processes and the best idea is implemented. We have a performance-based working climate and have an open “trial and error” culture.

How long will you continue studying and what are your plans after that?
At the end of the year, I will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree. After that, I am not sure what the next step will be. I have the option to continue working for GetMyInvoices. I am very happy about this and very open-minded. Until then, I would like to help GetMyInvoices grow further by intensifying the exchange with partners and thus generating additional interfaces. 

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