GetMyInvoices Partner Programs

We offer 4 variants of the partner program with different construction stages and remuneration arrangements.

Decide for yourself which concept is best suited to your company structure!


Tax Consultant

As tax consultants, digitalization experts or business consultants in Managed-Services we offer you a partner model that allows you to create and manage your own customer accounts in GetMyInvoices. Use GetMyInvoices as Upstream solution to your accounting. Your customers can record all documents centrally and you dont waste time searching for missing documents. You position yourself as a digitization consultant for your customers and optimize the joint workflow. You get the GetMyInvoices packages at discounted rates. You can give your customers GetMyInvoices as a free tool and understand the won time as a profit for all. You can pay the cost one to one or you can add a margin and a new source of income tap. You are completely free in this decision.

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With the Affiliate-Lifetime-Provision Partner program we create financial incentives for your company. You can send us qualified leads via affiliate link and receive 10% of the net turnover achieved with the booked package. If you are interested visit, sign up and place our advertisements on your website. With each new customer sign up via your affiliate link you will be directly involved in our sales.

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Branded Solution

The Branded Solution is suitable for other software vendors of accounting software or document management systems. As a branded solution partner you receive individual package prices and conditions to offer your customers a advantage. You bill the end customer and the GetMyInvoices billing is done via revenue share.

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Use the GetMyInvoices technology stack and provide your customers more functionalities. With the GetMyInvoices API you are able to use all GetMyInvoices features as a whitelable solution in your own service. This plug&play integration is interesting for Document-Management-Solution vendors and Cloud-Storage providers.

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