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In our central invoice management, you find all your documents in one location. Using the browser, you and your team can structure and categorize your documents at will, anytime. Thus, everything is arranged optimally, and you find what you are looking for in the shortest possible time.

Invoices Manager

Find invoices in your preferred view

To get the ideal overview, we offer you different display options. You can look at your invoices grouped by months, in tile view with a large preview image, or in list view. Display your documents grouped by supplier, invoice date, or even customized tags! This way, you will find the right invoice directly.

Intuitive working

Working in GetMyInvoices is user-friendly. You reach the dashboard directly via your browser and can structure and categorize your documents at your own discretion. Naturally, our online service enables several users working simultaneously.

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Updating several invoices simultaneously

We offer a comfortable multi-editing feature in case you have to update several invoices at once. It enables you to choose one category of all invoices, and to then process that value in a mass transaction at the same time.

Convenient PDF-splitting

If your office scanner produces a multi-page PDF containing several invoices, you can split these very conveniently.

Pdf Invoices

GetMyInvoices FAQs

What are tags?

Tags enable you to easily categorize invoices. You have the possibility, for example, to give an invoice the tag “Phone” or “Marketing” to get an overview in evaluations. As well as that, you can search for tags in your list of invoices. You can also use the tags during the email import.

Can I view my invoices as a simple list?

In the Invoice module, click on “List View” in the top right! Afterwards, you can change back to tile view anytime you like.

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Coming Soon!

Our preparatory accounting workflow capabilities will be available to all customers from the Professional Package starting in winter 2018. Currently the function is in a closed beta phase and therefore not available to all customers.