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Auditable Documents Storage

GetMyInvoices utilizes leading technologies to securely save data and protect your privacy. Our Zero Knowledge Solution ensures, that only you and your authorized users have access to your files.

Secure Locker

Heavy encryption

To ensure maximum security for your data, we use AES-256-Bit encryption techniques. Advanced Encryption Standards, short AES, is a symmetrical encryption technique and is used for the encoding of documents and communication connections.

No password access

Saved passwords will not be displayed anywhere. Not even you or your employees will be able to see passwords in GetMyInvoices.

Documents Encryption Storage
Invoice Documents Archive

Only you and authorized users have access to your data

Your data is exclusively available to you and your authorized users. Even our support team cannot access your data. Everything saved in our database is encrypted, and only you have the necessary key.

Request a data processing contract

Data security plays a huge role in every aspect of your business. People are increasingly looking for more clarity and transparency regarding their data. Trust is at the heart of all our relationships. And we will give it to you in writing, when you request an agreement with us.

Data Processing Agreement

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Coming Soon!

Our preparatory accounting workflow capabilities will be available to all customers from the Professional Package starting in winter 2018. Currently the function is in a closed beta phase and therefore not available to all customers.