GetMyInvoices enables simple and easy integration with multiple application types like – Accounting solutions, CRM, Regulatory taxation solutions, Document Management Systems, Online cloud storage, Shopping and eCommerce platforms, or numerous application types – any Email-Address, WebDav-Server, FTP-Server or your HTTP-REST-Service.

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Accounting Software

QuickBooks Invoice Import
Export documents automatically to
Invoices from GetMyInvoices into ADDISON SMART Connect
Automatically Import Receipts Into Xero Bookkeeping
Sage Business Cloud – Financials – Invoice Fetching Service
Invoice Fetching Add-on for Sage Business Cloud – Accounting
Automatically Import and Export Bills to And From FastBill
FreshBooks Invoice Collector
Roger Connect Integration
Zoho Invoice Integration
Email Receipts and Auto-Fetch from Web-Portals with Zoho Books
Export Documents Automatically to xentral
Import Receipts with A Click of The Mouse or Automatically Into DATEV Unternehmen Online
ClearBooks Integration
KashFlow Integration
Bookkeeping Auto-Pilot with ShoeBoxed
Document Hub with Zervant
Import Sales Invoices from Monsum Bookkeeping Automation
Paperless Accounting with
easybill: Transmit Outgoing Invoices from Easybill to Bookkeeping
Automatic Document Transfer with Billomat
Automatically Export Receipts To lexoffice
Switch your bookkeeping to autopilot
Synchronize Documents Between GetMyInvoices and domonda
Automatic Document Exchange with Debitoor
Automatically Import Documents With BuchhaltungsButler
Accounts Payable Automation with Fortnox
Automatically Export Documents to CANDIS
Stotax Select Integration
How to Set up Document Exchange Between GetMyInvoices and sevDesk
Upload Receipts to Automated
Strato Online Accounting
JustOn Integration
Expense Receipt Management with Zoho Expenses
pebe smart – Invoice Downloader
How to Import Invoices from Billit to GetMyInvoices
Automatic Document Transfer to Saasu
Smallinvoice Integration
Reckon One Integration
Export documents automatically to Accountable
Document Fetching and Scanning with Bilagscan
Receipt Auto-Scanning with FreeAgent

Document Management

Use invoices automatically for document management with Amagno
Automatically Export Receipts and Documents To DocuWare
Automatically Import and Export Receipts to And from Google Drive
Automatically Import and Export Receipts to And from Dropbox
Automatically import and export documents to and from OneDrive
Automatically Export Receipts Into Evernote
Accountants Archive with Amazon S3
Invoice and Expenses Tracking with Box
Document Fetching for Zoho Docs
Foxdox Integration
CenterDevice Integration
Automatically Export Documents Into ecoDMS
Document Auto Fetching using ownCloud

Shop-Systems & eCommerce Platforms

Synchronize Printout Designer with GetMyInvoices
Automatically import invoices for sales via Shopify
WooCommerce Integration
Automatically import invoices for sales via Ecwid
xt:Commerce Integration
Automatically import invoices for sales via BigCommerce
Oxid eShop Integration
OpenCart Integration
PrestaShop Integration


You can sync your invoices additionally to any Email-Address, WebDav-Server, FTP-Server or your own HTTP-REST-Service.

Connect SharePoint with GetMyInvoices
Connect the cloud ERP system holded with GetMyInvoices
Connect GetMyInvoices with Quaderno
Use invoices automatically in Agicap for liquidity planning
GetMyInvoices meets Odoo – Automate your receipt transfer
Connect MOCO with GetMyInvoices
Connect Invoice Ninja with GetMyInvoices
Automatically import invoices & more from Sellsy
Automatically export documents to Salesforce
Automatically Synchronize Documents with Thousands of Applications via zapier
Accounting Workflows with Microsoft Flow
Receipts Tracking with Slack
Increase the potential of GetMyInvoices by connecting it to Integromat
Chargebee: Subscription Management Software Connection with Bookkeeping
GetMyInvoices speeds up the document transfer to Salesforce
Julitec Integration
Automatically import documents from bunq
Sastrix and GetMyInvoices Provide an Overview of Your Software Costs
Automatically Import Invoices and More from 1CRM
Automatically Import Invoices From Teamleader
Cobot: Coworking Invoices to Accounting
Automatically import receipts from Billbee
Invoice Data Fetching with