GetMyInvoices speed up document transfer to and from Debitoor

Debitoor is a simple cloud-based invoicing programme for freelancers, founders and small entrepreneurs. With its help, users can write invoices or make payments from anywhere – on the PC, tablet or smartphone. It enables uploading of receipts to record expenses. With its bank integration, the user’s transactions can be automatically matched with invoices and expenditures. In just a few clicks you can create reports and instantly gain an overview of the company’s financial situation. As well as that, turnover tax advance returns from the invoicing programme to Elster Online and correctly formatted export of data for DATEV to the tax advisor are part of the features.

Connecting Debitoor with GetMyInvoices increases the automatization of your bookkeeping even more. Due to the document export from GetMyInvoices, documents automatically gathered in the invoice management solution reach the invoicing programme without any manual effort. Using the document import, receipts are being transferred from Debitoor to GetMyInvoices and can then be synchronized with numerous document management systems, accounting solutions, cloud storage and other systems.