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Import invoices from a selection of over 10,000 online portals and automatically collect them in your document management. Your desired portal is not there yet? We are constantly expanding our selection and look forward to your suggestions.

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GetMyInvoices can automatically download invoices from over 10,000 online portals. Our interfaces span a variety of categories such as banking, web hosting, jobs, marketing, telephone companies, electricity and gas, transport and logistics and more.

Imagine how much time your employees will save tracking and collecting all invoices in the future with GetMyInvoices!


Frequently asked questions about
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How does the connection of online portals in GetMyInvoices work?

In our “Companies & Portals” area you can select your desired portal and link it directly. Once logged in, your invoices will be automatically downloaded at the desired interval. If the portal you want is not available, you can suggest it.

Yes, that is possible. GetMyInvoices can automate the query if the target portal supports two-factor authentication with an authenticator app. Once verified, manual code entry is no longer required for each download.

By default, we check the portals once a week. Would you like a shorter interval? No problem! In addition, our system recognizes whether you receive invoices on a regular basis and adjusts the timing accordingly.

If you have any more questions about our product, please visit our Helpcenter.