Preparing your bookkeeping on autopilot

Where would you like to transfer your invoices to? To an online accounting system, to your tax consultant, or to a document management system? GetMyInvoices takes care of it – including the supported invoicing information – following the according configuration, in parts fully automatized. With a decreasing workload, the time between receipt of an invoice and its entry into the bookkeeping system is being shortened significantly, and efficient cashflow management becomes possible.

Alternative invoice exchange

Alternatively, you can also have the imported documents sent to you by e-mail or stored on an FTP or WebDav server.

You can even use a custom HTTP(s) endpoint where push the fetched documents to. If you use a custom ERP or DMS solution, you use this to connect your system with GetMyInvoices easily. If you prefer to pull documents instead, feel free to use our API.


Everything you need

We also automate your invoice processing with our diverse features. Therefore, get to know our other functions.

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