Connect any bank account or credit card

Connect your bank accounts or credit cards with GetMyInvoices to import your account transactions! It does not matter which bank you are with. Our services are safe and easy to use and are compatible with any bank. However, you can also upload your account transactions as a CSV file.

Automatic recommendations of suitable invoices

Once you have linked your bank accounts, GetMyInvoices gives you the opportunity
to match and link your documents with the corresponding transactions. Our system provides smart recommendations so you will never have to manually link your transactions again.

No more missing invoices

Our system constantly matches your transactions with your receipts. In case of a missing Online-Portal or e-mail account connection you will be notified immediately, so you will not have to deal with any missing invoices again.

Forgot to save an Online-Portal?

Did one of your colleagues buy a new tool again and did not tell the accounting department or saved it in GetMyInvoices?
This is not a problem. From now on we will inform you if there is any Online-Portal connection missing.


Everything you need

We also automate your invoice processing with our diverse features. Therefore, get to know our other functions.

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