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Automate collecting receipts

All invoices
in one place

Our software automatically fetches your invoices and receipts and sorts them categorically in one platform. This way you always keep track of all your invoices.


Automatisierter Rechnungsdownload

Belege sammeln?
Already done!

GetMyInvoices automatically retrieves invoices and receipts from over 10,000 online portals, email inboxes and other applications.

Simply link your sources and collect all invoices automatically in the future. This way, you can concentrate on your core business.

Download Invoices

Download from over
10,000 connected online portals

No matter whether it's Amazon, Adobe, Facebook or other online portals, GetMyInvoices collects your receipts automatically. To do this, simply link the portals you use.

Simply scan receipts

Easy digitisation
via scanning app

No manual work anymore! GetMyInvoices takes care of this for you and automatically downloads your invoices from over 10,000 online portals, email inboxes, scanning apps and other sources. The document information is extracted reliably and securely using intelligent text recognition and stored in your document management.


The benefits of automated invoice management.
A better overview. Less accounting work. More time for entrepreneurial ideas.

Email invoice import

Smart import rules
for emails

Do you receive your invoices by email? No problem! Our intelligent import rules recognise invoices in your mailbox and automatically import them into GetMyInvoices.

Manage documents easily

Collect receipts and
edit them in a snap

Collecting receipts has never been so easy! Once imported, you can view and easily edit your documents at any time. State-of-the-art OCR technology reliably extracts the invoice information. Your invoices are also archived in an audit-proof manner.