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13 Aug 2019

Our iOS App has arrived!

As of now, owners of iOS devices can scan their invoices and documents with our GetMyInvoices app. Simply download it from Apple Store, link it to your account and get going!

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29 Jul 2019

GetMyInvoices Update July 2019

No sign of holidays around here! Money doesn’t sleep – and doesn’t take vacations. That’s why this July we’ve published several new features for document handling in GetMyInvoices. A few of those are part of the new Workflow features. But let’s take it one step at a time…

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26 Jun 2019

GetMyInvoices Update June 2019

We made use of the longest days of the year by continuing our work on our big projects regarding workflow and Scan App, as well as by enriching GetMyInvoices with additional features.

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30 Apr 2019

GetMyInvoices Update April 2019

Spring has finally arrived and GetMyInvoices is full of energy! Not only does our invoice management solution boast new import interfaces and connections to even more portals, but an important new feature, too: the Quick Feedback.

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12 Mar 2019

GetMyInvoices Update for March 2019

Right on time for the meteorological beginning of spring, GetMyInvoices has come up with useful innovations. Those don’t only include extensions to our features, but also new interfaces, along with an upgrade to the DATEV interface. As well as that, we are introducing a new product: FINUX.

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27 Dec 2018

Thank You – GetMyInvoices to develop “endless opportunities” in 2019

The year rushes towards its end, it seems to us, wearing seven-league boots. All year, we were – and still are – immersed in a bustle of intense activity. For that, we would like to thank you: as a client, a partner, or a member of staff.

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30 Nov 2018

The GetMyInvoices Advent Calendar: 24 Days, 24 Features, 24 Discounts

Ho, ho, ho, it’s all about to start – it’s the 1st of December, time to open the first door of the advent calendar. Naturally, there is one from GetMyInvoices waiting for you, too.

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23 Nov 2018

GetMyInvoices Update November 2018

Just as promised in our previous blog entry, we’ve kicked it up a notch. A performance update to achieve more speed during the processing of invoices aside, GetMyInvoices gained useful new features: Helpdesk for more comfort As of now, you will find our helpdesk under This is where you can simply open a […]

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05 Nov 2018

fino new operator of GetMyInvoices

Dear Customers and Partners, now what belongs together will grow together: GetMyInvoices becomes a part of fino. Today we make publicly visible what has been going on behind the scenes for the last year and a half – and we announce that GetMyInvoices will be managed and further developed with immediate effect by fino data […]

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18 Sep 2018

GetMyInvoices Update for September 2018

We have been working on a variety of big innovations for GetMyInvoices, and we are in the middle of fine-tuning them, to be able to present them this autumn. We don’t want to give away too much in the run-up, but here is a little taste of the new features.

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