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Invoice Fetching

GetMyInvoices automatically fetches your invoices and statements from all platforms and saves them at a central location. All you need is a Login for one general receipt of all your documents from the various platforms.

Retrieve documents from anywhere with just one Login

Your can start your new journey easily and smoothly with GetMyInvoices. Simply go to your account and let us retrieve all your documents from different platforms!

Fetch all your documents, right from the start!

You can retrieve documents – including history – from other platforms straight after logging in to your GetMyInvoices account and save them in one location.

GetMyInvoices FAQ

Can you deal with Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Yes; when a portal requests a Two Factor code, you have the possibility in GetMyInvoices to enter that code. Normally, the code only has to be entered once during installation and will not be required again.

Will this also work with portals using (Re-)Captchas?

We are able to solve Captcha codes, as well as Recaptcha codes, fully automatized, so those do not present a problem.

Can you add specific portals?

You are very welcome to suggest portals to us, if you are receiving invoices from ones that we have not already added. We will investigate the feasibility on short call, and usually integrate new portals within two to three weeks. We connect 10 to 15 new portals every day.

How often do you scan portals?

We check your portals standardized once a week, but you can shorten the interval. Furthermore, our system recognizes when you regularly receive new invoices from your suppliers, and intelligently adapts the download timing automatically.

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Coming Soon!

Our preparatory accounting workflow capabilities will be available to all customers from the Professional Package starting in winter 2018. Currently the function is in a closed beta phase and therefore not available to all customers.