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We have already integrated over 10,000 portals and are constantly adding more. If you need integration with any specific portal, please let us know.

Import invoices from any of the web portals. Gather all your invoices together in GetMyInvoices automatically. Select your portal below!

Are your invoices spread across different portals like Amazon online and others? Requesting for invoices, downloading them at different times all add up to wasting a lot of time in procuring invoices. Imagine the amount of time spent by your staff in following up and just getting all of them together! This adds up to additional costs too.

Now GetMyInvoices can download invoices from over 10,000+ web gateways automatically. Our integration spans across a variety of categories ranging from banks, web hosting, jobs, marketing, phone companies, power and gas, transport and logistics, and more. GetMyInvoices downloads from all these automatically. What’s more, you can also sort by your country and check available ones that are integrated and ready for download.

Select from any of the popular ones from the below list. Let us know if the portal you need is missing in the below list, and we will sync it up to get your invoices imported – automatically with GetMyInvoices ! Make accounting reconciliation easy.

Enter your ‘portal name’ below or select a ‘category’ or sort by a ‘country’ of your choice.

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  • DigitalOcean

    DigitalOcean offers droplets for scalable compute services, managed Kubernetes clusters, databases and spaces to simply object storage.

  • DocuSign

    With your DocuSign account you can electronically sign, prepare, act on and manage documents.

  • Google Play

    Google Play gives you one place to find, enjoy, & share apps, music, movies & books – instantly anywhere across the web & android devices.