Scan receipts with your smartphone on the go

Download our app to your mobile, connect to your account, and start recording receipts and other documents on the go! The documents will be uploaded automatically; ensuring that even field staff won’t be losing any more invoices.

Scan documents offline

You can use our mobile app without internet connection, too. Scan your paper receipts offline! As soon as a connection is available, the documents will be uploaded to your account automatically.

Replacement scanning

Our app complies with the requirements set by the public finance management regarding replacement scanning. Thereby, you can destroy documents scanned and don’t have to keep the originals. Once they are saved to our system, you can access them anytime from anywhere.

Fast and prompt processing of urgent documents

Using the app, you can submit expense reports quickly and easily, helping you to save time. As well as that, it affords you the freedom and flexibility to process documents location-independently and to share them with others on the go.

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