Connect with your email provider!

You can create a connection to Google Mail or IMAP. IMAP enables you to link most email providers, like Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, Yahoo, OVH, 1&1, Strato, GoDaddy, ProtonMail, T-Online etc.

  • 1&1
  • Office 365
  • Gmail
  • GMX
  • T-Online
  • & more

Our algorithms recognize and import invoices from emails

Our system uses machine learning and intelligent algorithms to identify every invoice in your email account and import it automatically into our central document management. Should we ever not correctly recognize an email, you can train the system very easily to decide correctly the next time an email from the same supplier is received.

Complete extraction of invoice data

We fully extract all relevant invoice information like invoice number, invoice date, amounts, etc. Here, we support the formats ZUGFeRD and XRechnung. Where no technical format is indicated, we use OCR extraction.

PDF from email text

If an email does not contain any attachments, and the email itself is the invoice, we create a PDF from the email as an invoice.

Legally sound record-keeping To comply with the tax authorities’ regulations, we record all relevant details belonging to the original email for every imported invoice. Those include, for example, the sender, recipient, reference and date.

Import Email Invoices

Add your regular e-mail account to your GetMyInvoices account! You do not have to worry about safety. GetMyInvoices has built-in anti-virus detection and protects you from phishing emails.

GetMyInvoices is a team player For companies with several employees, central invoice management is of particular importance. For that reason, our solution enables import from several email inboxes.


Frequently asked

If you have any more questions about our product, please visit our FAQ section at:

Can your team read all my emails?

Our support team can only see the email date, sender and reference during support enquiries, not the content.

How many email accounts can i link?

There is no limit. You can connect as many email accounts as the realisation of your incoming invoices workflow requires.

How do you secure my email login information?

Here, as during the online download, we use AES encryption. Therefor, your email login information is very heavily secured.

Is using GetMyInvoices as an email archive sufficient?

We fulfil all the obligations relating to the storage of invoices in the framework of the GoBD, but not the obligations in relation to the recording of emails.


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