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How can GetMyInvoices help tax consultants?

Digitalization has long since arrived in tax consultants’ offices. Unfortunately, that is not always the case for their clients. According to the DATEV Digitalization Index 2019, at 56 percent paper is still the dominant data input format. This leads to problems like missing documents.

With GetMyInvoices, you can drastically reduce this percentage – GetMyInvoices automatically gathers invoices from thousands of customer portals, emails, invoicing tools and many other solutions, and forwards those directly to accounting solutions; as well as, via interfaces with DATEV Unternehmen Online, ADDISON OneClick and Stotax Select, straight to you as tax consultant. This means that the time-consuming gathering of receipts or missing documents are a thing of the past.

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More time

Automate manual & time consuming accounting processes with GetMyInvoices!

More consultancy

Use the newly created time windows to focus on consultation with your clients!

More gain

GetMyInvoices makes you and your clients happy and has a positive impact on your business.

Automated document gathering
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Easy cooperation through
transparent client management

Your client management displays all linked clients clearly and in an organized fashion. At any time, you have the option to log in directly to a client account to see all invoices or account statements received through GetMyInvoices. As well as that, you can:

  • request further portals for invoice downloads,
  • create client tickets, and
  • directly upload your invoice into the client account.

Our features
at a glance

Invoice/document import

Automatic document import from 10,000+ online portals, email boxes and other sources

Authorization concepts

Easy authorization setup and creation of approval processes, like payment & verification

OCR data extraction

All relevant invoice data is captured by our OCR and linked to the document

A document for every booking

Invoices are automatically assigned to the respective credit card- & account transactions

Direct communication

Missing documents cost time and money. With our communications centre, booking transit costs is almost fun

Easy synchronization

All invoices and documents can be automatically transmitted to third party systems like DATEV & ADDISON

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The customer in focus! We want to save our customers from spending more time on bills than necessary.

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“We recommend the usage of GetMyInvoices to our clients in the HSP Group, since it simplifies our workflow enormously.”

Carsten Schulz HSP Gruppe

Increase efficiency

“Thanks to GetMyInvoices, our clients can focus even more on their core competences.”



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