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Within the scope of our series “Behind the Scenes”, Pia Zosel describes that working in the back office does not have to be particularly monotonous – especially not at GetMyInvoices ?.


Pia, how long have you worked for GetMyInvoices, and what are your tasks?

I started at fino in December 2021, and my tasks are very diverse. I help Verena in the accounting department, manage the mail and take care of the ordering system and the travel expense reports. I am also responsible for communicating with our tax advisor and monitoring tax deadlines. Currently, I’m in charge of office management, and I’m temporarily filling in for personnel issues, such as drawing up employment contracts, managing sick leave, etc.

How did you hear about GetMyInvoices?

The first time I came across fino was during my bank training in Göttingen. Because we used fino’s account switching service, I became more familiar with the topic of “digitalization of financial services” and found it exciting and interesting right away. When I moved to Kassel a few years later, I applied directly for the back-office position at fino.

How did the recruitment process work?

It was all rapid and uncomplicated. After I applied, I was invited to an interview with Verena and Björn just a few days later. I received the offer on the same day as the interview and the employment contract three days later.

How was the process of onboarding?

As I mentioned before, I started my job in December 2021. People who work in accounting know that December is the “hot period.” That and organizing our office move within a month were mammoth tasks for me.

Was it difficult for you to take on the new tasks?

Not at all. Even during the interview, I mentioned that I would like a job with variety where I can learn new things. Not a classic administrative position, and luckily, everything applies at fino.

Even though I had little contact with topics such as accounting before, I was able to learn everything within a short time and always had Verena at my side as a contact person. Of course, you swear from time to time when something doesn’t work right away, but you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished in the end. ?

What does your typical workday look like?

I’m usually in the office for three or four days and often start with routine tasks, like processing mail or allocating receipts in GetMyInvoices. This way, I can start the day with the good feeling that I’ve already accomplished something and then dedicate myself to tasks that aren’t so mundane.

What tasks do they include, and how do you tackle them?

We are setting up a new company, for example. Of course, this doesn’t happen every day for us, but it does produce a relatively large amount of bureaucratic work. However, suppose we know that such a project is coming up. In that case, we directly derive various tasks for the back office, such as creating a new GetMyInvoices account for the accounting department or applying for the tax number. Our legal department is involved here and closely coordinates with us in the back office.

You had talked earlier about the document mapping in GetMyInvoices. So you use GetMyInvoices yourself?
What is your experience with our tool?

Exactly. GetMyInvoices simplifies a lot. Through my self-employed father, I know what a chore it can be to do accounting. Especially at the end of the year, the stress level was always very high, as there were still many receipts to be gathered.

With GetMyInvoices, that doesn’t happen to us. GetMyInvoices is very intuitive and easy to use. We use the tool primarily for document storage, approval processes, payment runs, monitoring of incoming payments, and collaboration with the tax advisor. 

What do you like most about your job?

I have the opportunity to try myself every day and learn something new – through Verena, my own experiences, or my own mistakes. When it comes to tasks, we are often thrown in at the deep end with the motto “just give it a try.” That’s exactly what I like about fino: an open and lived culture of mistakes.

Unlike corporate groups, we don’t have any prefabricated schemes, which means we can develop and establish solutions. I love bringing order to chaos. Such a passion can only be an advantage for a company like a fino, constantly growing and changing.

At the same time, I know that I can always rely on the team when I need help. We maintain a friendly and respectful working relationship, and I like that.

One last question in closing. If you were an ice cream, which one would you be?

Raspberry rhubarb because it’s fruity, and I like it. ?

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