Advancing the digitization process in 2022

Friday, 13. May 2022 | 0 Comments

Over the past year, digitization in tax consulting firms has picked up further momentum. This is confirmed by DATEV, the IT partner for tax consultants, in its current digitization index for tax consulting. At the same time, it points out that the digitization surge should not remain a one-off phenomenon.

The occasion for this was the pandemic, in which the law firms had to remain able to work under difficult conditions. “This enabled them to fulfill their role as a particularly important partner for their clients, especially during the crisis,” summarizes DATEV CEO Dr. Robert Mayr. Furthermore, clients are increasingly demanding digital processes. Among the small law firms surveyed, 21 percent stated this (+3 points), and among medium-sized firms as many as 26 percent (+6 points). Only among large law firms did this proportion fall by one point to 19 percent, which is probably due to the fact that they have already established digital processes to a large extent.

Overcoming challenges with digital processes

Indeed, digital processes and ways of working have proven to be valuable in today’s society. This relates not only to the ability to maintain law firm business from a home office but also the opportunities to work more efficiently and significantly reduce paper. “When it comes to data input, small law firms have reduced the paper share from 55 to 51 percent and are increasingly relying on ‘direct digital,'” according to DATEV. Overall, 82 percent of law firms said digitization had a “strong” or “very strong influence” on their future business model. The proportion increased in particular among medium-sized law firms (from 29 to 38 percent).

The majority of law firms, therefore, are actively driving digitization forward. This is an excellent plan for the new year as well, to overcome further challenges facing the industry. These include, above all, the shortage of skilled workers. Law firms that increasingly rely on digital processes can counter this effect. After all, if all documents are available digitally and are further processed with professional solutions and suitable workflows, law firms gain transparency.

The time-consuming search for documents, often involving time-consuming queries to colleagues and clients when working in analog mode, becomes a distant memory. Employees can concentrate on booking and process more cases in less time. Last but not least, tax consultants find more time for their core business, consulting. Ultimately, this benefits the clients, who feel better looked after and are more satisfied.

Implementation in a few steps

Our digital invoice management solution GetMyInvoices allows you to implement this easily. Once set up, it imports the clients’ documents from a wide variety of sources in the first step. All documents are then stored in the GoBD-compliant document archive with a search function and can be transferred via interfaces to all market-relevant accounting systems, including sevDesk and lexoffice, as well as to solutions from tax consultants.

The employees in the office have immediate access to all documents and can manage the data of numerous clients. Digital collaboration with clients can be implemented using various models.

Another plus point: With our digital expert seal, you show your clients that digitization is more than just a buzzword for you.

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