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Waiting and checking for invoices from various business partners is a time-consuming procedure. The lifecycle of Invoice management starts when you receive a customer invoice. Invoice is then identified, categorized, filed, and matched to orders by the invoice management team. Scheduling payments efficiently help cash flows to improve the accounts. The cash flow suffers when there is a difference between orders billed, and cash received. Efficient invoice management can improve the working capital of an organization by collecting invoices automatically from emails. Here we discuss how you can expedite the invoice management process by collecting invoices automatically from your email inboxes.

How does efficient invoice processing benefit?

The importance of faster invoice processing leads to multiple benefits –  

  • Quicker payments as the invoice are available for processing earlier.
  • Easy and faster authorization cycles for faster invoicing.
  • Prompt invoicing helps avoid missing any payment cycles and late penalties.
  • Companies can gain discounts for early payment of invoices.

Delay in invoicing and time elapsed invoicing may delay payments impacting working capital besides affecting the business cash conversion cycle of your business. Working capital dwindles when companies do not receive payables in time. The operational efficiency of any company is compromised when the cash conversion cycle gets delayed.

Applications like GetMyInvoices scan and automatically collect invoices from defined email accounts.

How do you use GetMyInvoices to collect invoices from your emails?

GetMyInvoices application identifies invoices in emails and imports them automatically into the central document management location.

The process of connecting your email is fast and straightforward. You can link most email boxes of popular email providers like Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, Yahoo, OVH, 1&1, Strato, GoDaddy, ProtonMail, T-Online, etc. Contact us to know about any specific email providers.

GetMyInvoices uses machine learning algorithms that identify invoices in email accounts and import them. The system can get trained to identify emails from your suppliers and avoid missing any email invoices.

Our system extracts relevant information from invoices like invoice date, invoice number, payment amount, etc. The application also supports formats like ZUGFeRD and XRechnung, and OCR extraction.

If invoices get embedded in the email instead of an attachment, GetMyInvoices creates a PDF from the email.

Secure: Be assured about safety as GetMyInvoices has an anti-virus detection facility to avoid any phishing event. You can link as many email accounts as possible of incoming invoices to manage invoices.  The AES encryption helps to secure the login credentials of your company or personal login information.

Privacy: You are assured of confidentiality as the GetMyInvoices team can see mail date, sender, and reference during support inquiries. No content will be visible. Email login information is secure with AES encryption.

GetMyInvoices is feature-rich – Discover it today!

Besides emails, GetMyInvoices imports invoices automatically from Online Portals, a scanning app to scan and record invoice information. Automated and configurable workflows help in invoice verification and approval. You can even link your bank account and have invoice information automatically mapped to your invoice information.

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