How to Automate Accounts Payable with Fortnox?

Fortnox is Sweden’s leading provider of programs and services for small business owners, accountants and auditing agencies. Fortnox bookkeeping applications are easy to use, yet powerful, and have a lot of different features to meet user requirements. It’s easy for accounting companies and customers to collaborate; the payment model is simple with free support and no start fee. It works flexibly and efficiently on any device, wherever you are. You also have the opportunity to save valuable time by connecting Fortnox to the other pre- and post systems using the API.

Computerized accounting brings a lot of value to the business when it’s up to date and has relevant cash-flow data. Have you ever spent hours adding costs from a box of paper invoices or needed to find the original copy of an invoice? Or maybe search for the particular invoice that was attached to one of your emails? Documents like these are essential for company’s bookkeeping, that’s why they need to be readily available anytime, from any device. This is where GetMyInvoices and Fortnox integration can help you. Our software will fetch invoices and expenses from all your suppliers and attach electronic copies of all your original receipts directly into the Fortnox account – so they’re all in one place, never to be lost again!