With GetMyInvoices, bills are automatically transferred to CANDIS

With their solutions Workflows and Smartbooks, CANDIS CANDIS automatize companies’ bookkeeping. CANDIS Smartbooks is an AI-supported accounting software, that among other tasks automatically imports receipts, recognizes due dates and discounts, as well as identifying account activities and assigning those to the appropriate invoices. The software enables transparent tracking of processes and seamless communication with tax consultants and accountants. CANDIS Workflows is a digital invoice clearance tool. Users are able to easily import receipts and to accordingly assign them to the responsible recipient, meaning that clearance practically works by itself.

In tandem with GetMyInvoices, CANDIS becomes even more efficient. All documents located in GetMyInvoices can be automatically transferred to CANDIS Smartbooks and CANDIS Workflows. And that saves you a lot of time.