GetMyInvoices simplifies document transfer from Billbee

Billbee is a complete solution for multi-channel traders, offering order processing, merchandise management and automatization for small and medium-sized businesses. Users can link their online shops and market places to Billbee and import orders, customer data and articles. Order documentation can be created, printed and sent manually or automatically. As well as that, the preparation of shipping labels, transfer of shipment information to shops and market places, and automatic dispatch of tracking links are included in the features. Stock and inventory, including stock reconciliation between separate channels, is easily manageable, and incoming payments through bank accounts or PayPal can be verified. In all this, extensive and flexible automatization is enabled.

For additional document export possibilities from Billbee, a link to GetMyInvoices is recommended. In GetMyInvoices, these receipts can be organized and/or automatically transferred alongside documents from a number of various other sources. The integration process can be dealt with in just a few clicks.