What is Papierkram?

Papierkram.de – Accounting Software for normal people*
Papierkram.de is the very easy-to-use, innovative and platform-independent accounting solution designed especially for freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses. Whether Windows, Mac or Linux, all that is needed to use Papierkram.de is an up-to-date browser. The functions include customer management, quotation and invoice creation, income surplus statement, advance turnover tax return, business assessment, project time recording and project management, digital document archive, cash flow evaluation and much more.
The advance turnover tax return can be submitted directly in the Elster portal via an Elster-compatible XML file and with the DATEV export and tax advisor access, two functions are available that make the exchange of accounting data with a tax office much more effective. With the app for iOS and Android, you always have all the important accounting data with you and can scan receipts directly on the go and file them in the accounting system.
Papierkram integrates seamlessly into the typical workflows of service companies and reduces accounting and project management to a few clicks.
Because of the simple and well thought-out interface, even non-accountants can find their way around immediately. With Papierkram.de, financial accounting becomes a breeze.

*so no accountants 😉
Transfer your documents with GetMyInvoices also from other software to Papierkram

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