How to Use Document Fetching Add-On for Zoho Docs?

Zoho Docs is a software designed for effective document, spreadsheets and presentations management in one place. You can also store all your files securely in a centralized location, and access them anywhere online. It may be the homepage for all your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pictures, music, videos, etc.

GetMyInvoices integration with Zoho Docs enables you to automatically export and store your expenses directly in Zoho Docs. You just need to do a one-time sync between GetMyInvoices and Zoho Docs, and after that, all your expenses will be automatically uploaded, without you having to manually download them to your desktop and then upload them to Zoho Docs. With GetMyInvoices you can also send your expenses as email attachments directly from your mail client to Zoho Docs.