GetMyInvoices simplifies document import in DATEV Unternehmen Online

DATEV Unternehmen Online is a programme for the exchange of receipts, data and documents between enterprises and tax advisors. It creates individual collaboration options using the “DATEV cloud”. This data exchange application comprises different components, which can be compiled needs-based by the tax advisor with his respective client. Thus, it is possible to exchange receipts and documents for financial and payroll accounting (e.g., incoming and outgoing invoices, employment contracts, sick certificates, etc.) online.

With GetMyInvoices, the laborious gathering, sorting, and transferring of documents belongs to the past – because GetMyInvoices compiles receipts from different sources automatically and uploads the required documents via the interface with just a mouse click or autonomously straight into your DATEV account. To enable the DATEV import, ask your tax advisor to activate DATEVconnect online! If you don’t own it already, you will also need a DATEV mIDentity compact or DATEV SmartLogin (we would recommend the latter).

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