FastBill and GetMyInvoices speed up document transfer

FastBill is a bookkeeping software for the self-employed and for small enterprises. It helps creating individually drawn-up offers, invoices and reminders professionally by mouse click. Offers and invoices can be sentfrom FastBill via email. As well as that, FastBill aids the user in monitoring expenses. The business account can be linked directly, and receipts can be matched to account activities. Thanks to efficient reports including detailed information on revenue, expenses and surplus, entrepreneurs can keep an eye on their cash-flow. Not only the communication with customers is being simplified, but the collaboration with colleagues and tax consultants, too.

GetMyInvoices speeds up the document transfer to and from FastBill and makes it easier. You can export receipts from GetMyInvoices to FastBill, as well as import bills from FastBill to GetMyInvoices and transmit them further from there – all depending on how it suits your workflow.