GetMyInvoices Update August 2017

Friday, 4. August 2017 | 0 Comments

Summer. This means it’s getting hot. And that’s why we’ve got some hot updates for you:

Manual Download

GetMyInvoices fetches regularly every seven days your invoices, this part isn’t changing. What has changed, is that you are now able to start this download manually.

This is very helpful, when the end of the month is within the cycle, but you don’t want to wait five days until the next fetching cycle until you do your bookkeeping. In this case, you can now start the download by hand. This is as follows:

  • In your GetMyInvoices Account, you go to “Suppliers” and choose your username at the appropriate supplier.
  • A window will pop up, showing the login details, the status, the last date of download and the next date of download.
  • On the right side, there are three action-buttons: edit, delete and download. Press the download-button to activate the download. GetMyInvoices will now transmit the invoice into your account and detect the important details of your invoice.
  • Within a maximum of 24 hours, the requested invoice will be in your account – normally it will appear after approximately an hour.


New cooperation-partners

To extend the varied use of GetMyInvoices, we could establish new partners.


Fortnox is the leading web-based bookkeeping system in Sweden. The modern accounting software is both adapted for auditors and for small businesses. Using this program, you can pay your bills, pay the wages of your employees and manage all orders and receipts. Despite of this abundance of functions, it is easy to use and is even used in schools to teach bookkeeping. Thanks to the cooperation with GetMyInvoices, you don’t have to upload your invoices manually anymore to Fortnox.

This chatting program, that is used in many companies to simplify the communication between employees does now contain an integration of GetMyInvoices. This will be as follows:

If you connect your Slack-Account to GetMyInvoices, there will be a special channel for all your collected invoices.
When do you need this?

  • use it as a bookkeeping-archive: to keep track of all your invoices
  • simplify communication with your accountance team: they are automatically informed, if there is a new invoice

IQBOXY is a bookkeeping service from California, which runs on mobile phones. Like “A bookkeeper in your pocket” it helps you to manage your invoices and your taxes– whether you are self-employed, run a small business or a startup, or even are working as an american auditor. In less than ten seconds all the details of your invoices are detected, accurately and secure. Thanks to the GetMyInvoices Intergration, this applies now also to invoices that are not uploaded manually.

By establishing a cooperation with, we got a partner who offers a service to startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, associations/foundations as well as to auditors. The aim of the company is, to simplify bookkeeping as comfortable as possible. This way, everybody is able to use this software without any knowledge of bookkeeping.

Thanks to the cooperation with GetMyInvoices, the users of are now not only able to manage their time recording, do their member administration, send their online-invoices and send their tax declaration automatically to tax authorities, but also get their invoices automatically uploaded into their e-Boekhouden-account.


New portals:

This month we continued in integrating new portals. Here is a selection of some new portals:

  • All you need
  • Sellerfox
  • Naturstrom
  • fonial
  • TimeTac

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