GetMyInvoices-Updates in December 2020

Tuesday, 22. December 2020 | 0 Comments

Just before the end of this year, we have some exciting news for you. First of all, our new banking-module, which further automates preparatory accounting. With this feature, GetMyInvoices takes care of assigning your account transactions with related invoices. Additionally, our Invoice-Management Software suggests possible matches through intelligent algorithms, which reduces your workload even further. One more winner in all of this is the tax consultant, who is happy because he saves time from comparing OPOS-Lists.

Also new: Our tags are now colored, so tagged documents and transactions are easy to visually distinguish.

We have good news for developers as well since our new API is now RESTful. It is way easier now for software companies to integrate our Invoice-Management Solution in their applications.

In the following year, we will work hard to finally release our long-desired Workflow-Module. Besides, we are planning even more exciting developments. Stay tuned!

But for now, just relax, enjoy the holidays and look forward to the new year. We would like to thank you for your trust and we wish you a merry Christmas and a great start into the year 2021.

Less manual work, more automation – our banking module makes it possible

No more time-consuming and manual matching of invoices and bank transactions! With our new feature, we take care of account reconciliation to save you even more time. To do this, users connect their accounts and credit cards to GetMyInvoices to import transactions. Once the account transactions are uploaded, GetMyInvoices gets right to work and suggests the appropriate invoices using intelligent algorithms. We are continuously working on the logic that suggests documents for the respective account transactions so that the hit rate increases continuously. Our banking module is intelligent as well and learns from manual links.

In addition to that, the Banking-Module prevents missing invoices for the future. GetMyInvoices matches transactions and receipts, so it proactively informs if a connection to an online portal or an email account is not available. Thus, more and more invoices are automatically linked to the transactions, so that the workload in the context of preparatory accounting is constantly reduced. 

The new v3 of our GetMyInvoices-API is here

Attention integrators! Our API is more developer-friendly now, in other words – RESTful. Through this technical update, it is now easier to link GetMyInvoices to other systems, regardless of their technology. This makes it easy to retrieve documents and bank transactions using our REST API. Our SDK on GitHub has also been updated accordingly. Of course, v2 continues to run unchanged, so an upgrade is not mandatory. You can find detailed documentation here.

New Portals

This month we added more portals, where users can retrieve documents, which include:  

• Soldan
• Let’s Cast
• Surfer
• Screenfeed
• Workplace by Facebook
• Telekom – Business Smart Connect Portal
• Itzehoer Versicherungen

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