Automatized extraction of
invoicing information

Invoice Data Extraction

We automatically extract invoice information from documents. For this, we support standard formats like ZUGFeRD and XRechnung, and use OCR where no technical format exists.

Supporting standards

You are dealing with electronic invoices that comply with the ZUGFeRD or the XRechnungstandard? Wonderful! GetMyInvoices supports those standards.

OCR for unstructured invoices and receipts

Invoices and receipts without structured information are being run through our OCR engine. It extracts all relevant data, like invoice number and amount. Should it be unable to find all information, you can highlight the content in the invoice preview and extract it with one click. Since our OCR is based on machine learning, future results will automatically improve.

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Coming Soon!

Our preparatory accounting workflow capabilities will be available to all customers from the Professional Package starting in winter 2018. Currently the function is in a closed beta phase and therefore not available to all customers.