Empowering Employees with Mobile Solutions to Boost Productivity

Friday, 25. June 2021 | 0 Comments

molbile solutions to boost productivity

Mobility solutions have transformed business. Today we can do so much on a mobile device, unlike over a decade ago. Has your organization adopted mobility solutions and access to critical functionalities through mobiles? Discover the benefits here.



Globalization has made employees work round the clock across time zones.  Working on the move or from a remote office has become a norm today. Enterprise mobile solutions and apps are handy for employees. Mobile-friendly browser-based applications (web apps) get deployed in diverse industries like travel, finance, healthcare, sales, automotive, manufacturing, and insurance. Profitability connects to time; the better your employees utilize time, the better the productivity.

Any organization’s travel costs are high and can function fully automated with better perception, analysis, and error-free reports. Smartphone applications can capture and track traveler’s location and purchase to generate expense records. If an employee breaches the policy rules during travel, the expense track web app can notify the employee right away with a response. In addition, the app can inform the expense approvers when expenses are not policy compliant according to client requirements and form policies. Manual entry of expense sheets drives uptime and cost with lost productivity. Similarly, the processing of invoices on the move drives productivity with faster processing.

Better work-life balance with mobile solutions

It is imperative to look after the requirements of employees, appreciating and retaining valuable employees irrespective of the industry. However, working late after office hours to tally the expense reports, compliance checking, checking of expenses from booking to reimbursement is a challenging task for employees. In addition, if there is travel involved, employees will be tired, and manual processing of expenses or invoice processing is tiresome.

Automated expense management system offers data feed of credit card, airline booking, car, and hotel booking and creates expense receipts helps to free employee from manual entries. Finance professionals can upload invoices, process them on the move, give approvals, etc., which saves time. Providing mobile solutions to your employees helps save time and boost productivity.

Emphasizing the problem

Automated expense management or digital invoicing systems focus on whether transactions comply with the company policies and are accurate. All specific costs can be monitored and checked for review, routing, and approval procedure. Approvers get ample time to watch essential items than focusing on nonessential records. Automated auditing focuses on enhanced productivity and improve risk management, and enforcing rules even for senior officials. When expense records are precise and accurate, it is easier to rectify inefficiencies, and an automated expense system will trim out unnecessary spending.

In the case of invoicing applications, mobile apps enable scanning of invoices, automatic entry to your invoicing application, and the data gets mapped to banking transactions if your invoicing application has integration with your bank. Business staff on the move will benefit from an easy update of records with a mobile solution rather than going to the office for a session of manual data entry.

Mobile applications are futuristic and here to stay.

Suppose you are still using traditional methods of paper-based expense sheets or paper-based invoice processing. In that case, your company will fail to experience the productivity numbers and profits brought by the latest technology. In addition, paper-based expense management or invoice processing is not cost-efficient.  So, in the company’s and employees’ interest, it is high time that your organization moves towards solutions that use mobile components.

Mobile enterprise applications are gaining popularity with rapid adoption. As a result, organizations are racing to use this as a step to gain competitive advantages.

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